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Europcar categorise vehicles according to the Association of Car Rental Industry Standards System. Through using this system Europcar aim to provide you with the category of vehicle to meet your rental requirement needs.

Vehicles have a 4-category code, the first of which defines the vehicle class size of which there are 9. The other 3 categories detail the body type, transmission, and air-conditioning.





M Mini                      

B 2-3 Doors

M Manual Unspecified Drive     

R Unspecified Fuel/Power With Air

N Mini Elite

C 2/4 Doors

N Manual 4WD

N Unspecified Fuel/Power Without Air

E Economy

D 4-5 Doors

C Manual AWD

D Diesel Air

H Economy Elite

W Wagon/Estate

A Auto Unspecified Drive

Q Diesel No Air

C Compact

V  Passenger Van

B Auto 4WD

H Hybrid Air

D Compact Elite

L Limousine

D Auto AWD

I Hybrid No Air

I Intermediate

S Sport

E Electric Air

J Intermediate Elite     

T Convertible

C Electric No Air

S Standard


L LPG/Compressed Gas Air

R Standard Elite

J Open Air All Terrain

A Hydrogen Air

F Fullsize

X Special

B Hydrogen No Air

G Fullsize Elite

P Pick-up Regular Cab

M Multi Fuel/Power Air

P Premium

Q Pick-up Extended Cab

F Multi Fuel/Power No Air

U Premium Elite

Z Special Offer Car

V Petrol Air

L Luxury

E Coupe

Z Petrol No Air

W Luxury Elite

M Monospace

U Ethanol Air

O Oversize

R Recreational Vehicle

X Ethanol No Air

X Special

H Motor Home

Y 2 Wheel Vehicle

N Roadster

G Crossover

K Commercial Van/Truck

Example codes, and corresponding vehicles could be:


Economy, 2/4 door, Manual, No air-conditioning

Fiat Punto / Renault Clio / Seat Ibiza / VW Polo


Compact, 4 door, Automatic, Air-conditioning

Ford Focus, VW Golf


Standard, Wagon/estate, Manual, Air conditioning

Ford Mondeo Wagon/estate, VW Passat Wagon/estate


Premium, 4 door, Auromatic, AIr conditioning

Mercedes C-Class / Audi A6.

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