Road Rules

Road Rules in Latvia

  • Observe local specific rules and specially speed limits.
  • Speed Limits: City 50km/h Highway 90km/h (Summer season 90-100km/h)
  • Driver and all passengers have to wear their seat belts at all times.
  • Vehicle lights must be on all the time throughout the year / 24 hours a day.
  • To avoid parking fines, park only where it is permitted. Most cities have parking zones.
  • Using or holding a mobile phone in your hand while driving is prohibited! Hands free accessories are allowed to make and receive calls while driving.
  • Speed cameras are in use!

Phone numbers in Latvia

Police: 110

Emergency services: 112

Europcar's 24h road assistance: +371 2922 2637 Info: +371 67 222 637

Driving Tips

OBSERVE LOCAL SPEED LIMITS: Speeding may lead to your driving license being confiscated immediately, on the spot. Fines are often high and they must be paid. If you leave the country before paying a fine, notification will be sent to you. That's why it's important to carefully observe all posted speed limits. Please remember that most countries post speed limits in kilometers per hour, not miles...

ALCOHOL RISKS Every European country has laws against driving under the influence of alcohol and their permissible blood alcohol level is often extremely low. Drinking just one can of beer could put you in violation of the law in many countries. In several countries, any blood alcohol reading above zero is considered to be a punishable offence.

SAFETY BELT Legislation in most countries now requires both drivers and passengers to wear correctly fitted safety belts. Furthermore most European countries do not permit children under certain ages to be in the front passenger seat of a moving vehicle.

PARK ONLY WHERE IT'S PERMITTED In major cities, you will usually find parking areas designated as ""blue zones"" for short-term parking (1 to 1½ hours), ""green zones"" for longer periods, and ""red zones"" where parking is prohibited. Some cities also use parking meters, so be sure to check whether there is a meter - and insert payment - if there is one

Drive Green with Europcar's tips!

The way you drive your car affects how much fuel you use and the amount of CO2 emissions your car produces. By following the tips below you reduce your fuel consumption and CO2 emissions:

  • Driving smoothly can reduce fuel consumption: check the road ahead, anticipate traffic and avoid abrupt acceleration and braking.
  • Shift to a higher gear at the right time: another way to reduce your fuel consumption is to shift up your gear at 2500rpm for petrol cars and 2000rpm for diesel cars. A vehicle travelling at 60 km/h in fourth gear uses 25 percent more fuel than it would at the same speed in fifth gear
  • Switch your engine on and go: modern engines are designed to be most efficient when you just switch your engine on and go. Keeping the engine running or pumping the accelerator wastes fuel, increases engine wear and increases emissions
  • Switch your engine off if you know you won't be moving for a while.
  • Check your tire pressures regularly: under-inflated tires can increase your fuel consumption. Half a bar less means an increase of 5% in your fuel consumption.
  • Drive within the speed limits: at 100 km/h you could be using up to 30 per cent more fuel than at 90km/h
  • Remove unnecessary weight and roof racks: they increase the weight and air resistance hence increase your fuel consumption. Air conditioning and other on-board electrical devices (like mobile phone chargers) increase fuel consumption, so only use them when necessary.

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