Europcar Fit Rent - long term rental


Long-term car rental without long-term commitment

The rental period is 1-24 months.
If you need a vehicle for a little longer, but dont want to take long-term commitments, then a long car rental is the right choice.

In addition, prices are more favorable for longer periods.

With Fit Rent from Europcar, you can enjoy longer car and van rentals at great prices.

Your business needs may change but our offers always adapt. Mid-terms rentals to fit your business.

  •  Suitable for rental periods starting from 1 to 24 months;
  • No initial payments or agreement fees;
  • Wide selection of new or slightly used cars from our fleet
  • 3500km monthly mileage included, low rate extra kilometers;
  • Competitive rates in Latvia and in Baltics;
  • Short reaction time – immediate availability.
  • Possibility for additional non waivable excess reduction;
  • For small additional fee we can offer:

  • Additional monthly mileage limit;
  • Brand new car from our partners;
  •  Wider selection of cars with different choice of engines types and equipment levels


Think of all the times when you want something a little more than an ordinary car rental but something a little less than a lease or contract hire. That's exactly what Europcar's Fit Rent is for.

Fit Rent means a much better deal for any car rental that lasts longer than 30 days without the long-term commitment of a lease deal. You can return the car at any suitable time and just pay for the used months and days.

Fit Rent is perfect solution for temporary staff, someone on a probationary period, when waiting for delivery of a new car, or simply for someone who can't commit to a longer term deal for any reason.

Fit Rent allows you to choose a longer car rental period without committing to a lease contract. Low investment and more peace of mind - for small extra charge reduce your excess level as low as 100€ (depending on the car group). That’s what Europcar offers with its Fit Rent.

Europcar gives you total freedom to rent a car for the duration you need. You can plan ahead knowing Europe’s leading car rental company is with you all the way. Here are just some of the benefits you can expect: 



  • Basic Conditions:

  • Choice of car manufacturers and models are limited to vehicles serviced by Europcar. Please ask Europcar for full details
  • Europcar reserves the right to change your vehicle whenever necessary due to fleet constraints (our cars will not be more than 1 year old);
  • Months are measured in periods of 30 days, minimum period is one month;
  • You will pay only for the period when you were using the car - eg. 45 days = 1 month + 15 additional days
  • "Drive longer – save more" decreasing rates are available.


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